Wood Demo Area at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Based on utilization of prefabricated timber units AIX Architects stand behind a conceptual urban plan for an intended Wood Demo Area at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. AIX worked out the plan from a design idea developed at the office; construction of buildings from a general 70 sq. m area flat package assemble kit, a unit manufactured form CLT, cross laminated timber. The design introduces a rational use of large amounts of prefabricated wood components. Wood modules ready to establish as structural elements in load bearing facade walls, flooring and inner parapets, forming different apartment plans.
AIX flat package design units include all fundamental building components to construct a 70 sq. m unit at any level in a ten-floor building. All parts are possible to load in a standard 40 feet container. Prefabrication today can take place close to forest raw material resources in the northern hemisphere conifer belt. Already established global transport logistic systems as container shipping from Sweden and western Europe or railway from Siberia is a realistic background to support Chinese and Far East buildingsites with prefabricated wooden buildings.
Creating large urban developments in wood is a way to cope with climate change. A ten-floor structure in wood means less than 50% in carbon dioxide emissions compared to a regular reinforced concrete building. Building sector alone stand behind at least 50% of the total global energy use, which means it is the biggest trigger behind GHG causing climate crises.
A growing drive to take advantage of timber in the global building production must be linked to a sustainable perspective on forest industry. Further development of the AIX design for large scale prefabrication of wooden buildings for Chinese and global market must be linked to FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, declarations or other regulations to secure a responsible forest industry.
Beside continued interactions with Chinese projects wanting a more sustainable building technology AIX Architects communicates with Russian and Siberian interests intending to set up a modern forest- and wood industry. This is a part of AIX efforts to cope with the climate change topic underlining the importance of international collaborations. Destructive emissions from the building industry is a shared global responsibility between all parts involved. Clever ideas from architects has a potential to make a difference.