• Järvabadet
    • Järvabadet

Outdoor swimming pool in Järva

A new outdoor public swimming facility aiming to increase swimming skills in the Järva area in Stockholm and creating an inclusive meeting place for everybody have opened on the summer 2020. The pool area contain two practice pools, a swimming pool and a children’s splash section. In addition, there are changing rooms, staff rooms, technology buildings and a kiosk.

The pools are a commissioned by the city of Stockholm, situated next to Eggeby farm, which is also owned by the city of Stockholm and leased by the cultural organization Järva Folkets Park. On the farm there is a nature school, a café and various events and festivals are regularly organized. The idea is that the bath will strengthen Eggeby farm as a meeting place.

The area known as Järvafältet is a cultural reserve so a great emphasis has been placed on creating an architecture that in scale and form naturally fits into the environment. At the same time, we want to create a building of a public nature that clearly differs from the surrounding farm buildings in terms of, among other things, materiality. Keeping the focus on transparency for the staff, equality and safety for the users has been very important during the design process, which took place in close dialogue with the client.

Plans for an outdoor swimming pool at Järvafältet have existed since the 70´s when the construction of the million program began. It was during this time period that the districts Tensta, Rinkeby, Akalla, Husby and Kista emerged. In the districts around Järvafältet live many socio-economically weak groups with low incomes and high sickness rates. The districts’ average income is among the lowest in the whole of Stockholm, which means that the children and young people who live around Järvafältet have few opportunities to participate in various leisure activities, travel away during the school holidays and learn to swim. We are very happy to work with and realize this project, which we believe will make a big difference for the residents in the districts around Järvafältet. In the project, we collaborate with LAND landscape architects.