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  • Westander

    Westander PR

    Westander is a high-profile PR agency that aims to attract the top talent in the industry. To succeed at this, it is important to have a well-designed office that inspires, demonstrates precision and radiates creativity. Read more

    The Royal College of Music

    A music workshop cloaked in shimmering gold glass that arouses curiosity and anticipation. Since 2003 we have been instrumental in development of the Royal College of Music (KMH) in Stockholm. Read more

    Royal Institute of Technology

    We have designed a modern building that melds seamlessly into the vibrant campus environment. With restraint and well-studied detailing, we have created a building that harmonises with its surroundings. Read more

    Rudboda School – a new P-6 municipal school

    Rudboda, in the Lidingö area of Stockholm, is a contemporary school with a facade of concrete and brick whose textile feel breathes continuity and innovation. Read more

    Dressyrhallen, training hall

    In Rosersberg Palace park, this weather shelter was designed for the Swedish Police Force’s K-9 Unit. A simple, rational structure – in a sensitive cultural-historical environment – that offers protected space for canine training. Read more

    Kv Skeppshandeln 1

    One building – many varied functions. In this portal structure on the western front of Stockholm’s Hammarby Sjöstad area, commercial space, offices, hotels and a gym are gathered under a single roof and together create a dynamic environment. Read more

    The Old National Archives

    The Old National Archives in Stockholm is a unique example of the institutional buildings of its era in Sweden and Europe. Since 1993 it is a listed historic building, which means that there are extensive restrictions on which alterations are permitted. Read more

    Upper Vasastaden

    A master plan is in process of being developed in the Vasastaden district in Linköping. AIX were commissioned to develop design ideas for the future neighbourhood and its buildings. Read more

    Villa W

    This 300 sqm villa is located on a steep west facing slope, offering views over the Värtan Harbour in Stockholm. The family asked for hard surface materials and large walls for displaying their art collection. Read more

    The Tumba stage and culture school

    The Tumba stage, connected with Tumba senior high school, was built in 1973. The building has been used extensively as a theatre, music stage and as a cinema over the years. Read more

    The Stockholm Cathedral, Storkyrkan

    AIX have done project management of the flooring and we have been suggesting a complimentary light system. The work is part of the cathedral design commission. Read more

    Stavangers new Concert Hall

    Stavanger’s new Concert Hall opened in 2012. We have been designing the stage engineering system and the systems for variable acoustics. Read more

    Housing block Skohornet & Sylklacken

    On behalf of Svenska Bostäder, we have provided the basis for master plan development and project management of about 100 apartments including rental flats divided over two blocks. Read more

    Kv Sjöresan

    We have designed the Sjöresan 1 and 2 block, part of the extension of Hammarby Gård in Hammarby Sjöstad. The project is divided over two tenant-owner associations, HSB and Peab. Read more

    Rosersberg palace

    Rosersberg is a royal palace, and the main building was constructed in the 1630s, yet the current design dates from the early Nineteenth Century. Read more

    Kv Hammarbyverken 4 & 6

    We are designing housing at the best location in Hammarby Sjöstad! 40 exclusive apartments, in two volumes with three stairwells, are emerging on the jetty and along the wharf, overlooking the harbour in the southwest. Read more

    Ekorren quarter

    We designed residential buildings and parking garages in timber on Nygatan in downtown Skellefteå. The construction includes some 30 apartments with an adjacent structure used for parking and commercial space. Read more


    Drottningholm pavilion, “Karamellan”, was constructed in the early 1880s. Karamellan has a sensitive location in Drottningholm Palace Park and has been listed on Unesco’s world heritage list since 1991. Read more

    Flyinge Equestrian Hall

    In 2005, Flyinge was nominated for Building of the Year. In 2006 it received an award associated with the Swedish Glass Construction Prize and in 2008 the equestrian hall was nominated for the Swedish Wood Prize. Read more

    The Swedish Film Institute

    The Swe­dish Film Institute has transformed its office layout from closed rooms to an office landscape. The aim was to create a welcoming environ­ment that encourages internal communication and collaboration. Read more

    Kv Fikonet

    The 1960s neighbourhood of Fikonet has been extended by two new residential buildings. The placement of the buildings along the street preserves the space and light of the courtyards, at the same time as the street space is improved. Read more

    Drottningholms Palace

    The Drottningholm Palace facility, from 1600 - and 1700s, is one of Sweden's fourteen World Heritage Sites. The facility consists of nearly 90 buildings. The finest of these include the palace, the Theatre and the China Palace. Read more

    The Royal Dramatic Theatre

    The Royal Dramatic Theatre is the most thoroughly Art Nouveau building in Sweden, and has been a national historic building since 1994. AIX have been responsible for renovation and restoration as well as conservation work. Read more

    Copperhill Mountain Lodge

    AIX Architects bureau where selected to develop the American architect Peter Bohlin’s interpretation of a site connected to Scandinavia’s largest ski resort in Åre, Sweden. Read more


    In 2007, the new school in Balingsnäs, Huddinge was presented at the "Design & Health" Congress in Glasgow. The school is intended to be the municipality’s new cultural centre. Read more