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  • Vallgossen / S:t Görans High Scool

    Vallgossen/S:t Görans High School was designed by Léonie Geisendorf and built in 1960. For Sweden it’s a unique example of International Style design. The former school has now been transformed into 240 student apartments. Read more

    Gustaf Vasa church

    Gustaf Vasa church was built in 1906 to house the increasing Parish congregation for Vasastaden, Stockholm. This rare neo-baroque building has been carefully restored internally and externally with the aim to return it to its original state. Read more

    Varnhem - Kata farm

    We designed a new building to protect and display the 1000-year-old walls and tell the story of Kata Farm, named after the woman who ruled the large property during the final stages of the Viking era. Read more

    The Royal College of Music

    A music workshop cloaked in shimmering gold glass that arouses curiosity and anticipation. Since 2003 we have been instrumental in development of the Royal College of Music (KMH) in Stockholm. Read more
    Kabelverket - urban development

    Kabelverket – urban development

    With a clear vision of interconnected urban spaces, our proposal “Share and Participate” won the design competition. The Kabelverket district in Stockholm is part of the emerging Älvsjöstaden urban development project. Read more
    Södra Värtan – new residential development

    Södra Värtan, urban development

    Södra Värtan is the first phase in the southern section of the Stockholm Royal Seaport urban development area. We won this parallel assignment with a distinctive urban planning proposal. Read more
    Arenastaden – urban development

    Arenastaden, urban development

    Streets, plazas, parks and blocks are being interwoven into a pleasant, inviting environment. We have been chosen to help the City of Solna transform the Råsta suburban and industrial area into a mixed-use community. Read more

    University Main Building, Uppsala

    Uppsala University’s buildings bring together the technology of today with the beauty of yesterday. The University Main Building is an architectural and renovation project that places high demands on preserving the historical identity and overall impression. Read more

    Stockholm Central Station

    One hundred and fifty years of meetings, partings and anticipation. The Nordic region’s largest travel centre lives on and continues to serve the 250,000 people who pass through Stockholm Central Station every day. Read more

    Cementgjuteriet block

    On a former industrial site, a vibrant and dynamic community is taking shape with housing for all phases of life. We have prepared a detail plan for eight city blocks and we have designed 204 efficient flats. Read more

    Westander PR

    Westander is a high-profile PR agency that aims to attract the top talent in the industry. To succeed at this, it is important to have a well-designed office that inspires, demonstrates precision and radiates creativity. Read more

    Royal Institute of Technology

    We have designed a modern building that melds seamlessly into the vibrant campus environment. With restraint and well-studied detailing, we have created a building that harmonises with its surroundings. Read more

    Rudboda School – a new P-6 municipal school

    Rudboda, in the Lidingö area of Stockholm, is a contemporary school with a facade of concrete and brick whose textile feel breathes continuity and innovation. Read more

    Kv Hammarbyverken 4 & 6

    Bright and spacious homes that provide a wealth of experiences from morning to night. The top location in Stockholm’s Hammarby Sjöstad area offers beautiful views and living environments with unique qualities. Read more

    Dressyrhallen, training hall

    In Rosersberg Palace park, this weather shelter was designed for the Swedish Police Force’s K-9 Unit. A simple, rational structure – in a sensitive cultural-historical environment – that offers protected space for canine training. Read more

    Kv Skeppshandeln 1

    One building – many varied functions. In this portal structure on the western front of Stockholm’s Hammarby Sjöstad area, commercial space, offices, hotels and a gym are gathered under a single roof and together create a dynamic environment. Read more

    The Old National Archives

    The Old National Archives in Stockholm is a unique example of the institutional buildings of its era in Sweden and Europe. Since 1993 it is a listed historic building, which means that there are extensive restrictions on which alterations are permitted. Read more

    Drottningholms Palace

    The Drottningholm Palace facility, from 1600 - and 1700s, is one of Sweden's fourteen World Heritage Sites. The facility consists of nearly 90 buildings. The finest of these include the palace, the Theatre and the China Palace. Read more