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Architectural Conservation Consultant

Stockholm Central Station

One hundred and fifty years of meetings, partings and anticipation. The Nordic region’s largest travel center lives on and continues to serve people on the move.

AIX has functioned as Jernhusen AB’s architectural conservation consultant and we have been involved in a number of alterations and restorations, including the implementation of foundation reinforcement, rebuilding of the Southern Pavilion into a public transit hub and restoration of the Northern Arrival Hall. We have also helped develop the Central Hall with new escalators, information desk, signage and retail space, as well as restoration of office space on the upper floors of the main building.

Stockholms central
Stockholms central
Stockholms central

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Johan Rittsel

Johan Rittsél

Kreativ ledare för Kulturmiljö & Restaurering. Cert. sakkunnig kulturvärden – K

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