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Rudboda school

Laughter, play and curiosity are gathered in bright facilities with a view over forests and meadows.

Rudboda, in the Lidingö area of Stockholm, is a contemporary school with a facade of concrete and brick whose textile feel breathes continuity and innovation. Here, the students and staff are met by bright, generous spaces and a large gymnasium that can also be used by local clubs and associations. As a result of our rigorous goals, both architectural and environmental, the school has been certified at the Sweden Green Building Council’s Gold level, and nominated for the Lidingö Urban Environment Award. Rudboda School was inaugurated in 2014 – a quality place of learning that welcomes both students and teachers.


    Jesper Engström

    Jesper Engström

    Arkitekt SAR/MSA
    Partner och Kreativ ledare för Stadsutveckling & Bostäder

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