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We are AIX

About AIX

The Company

Our aim at AIX is to create architecture that makes a difference and creates a better community. We accept assignments in all kinds of areas from town planning to new construction and restoration. We design high-quality contemporary architecture, taking careful account of existing buildings. With our wide variety of expertise our team can work together to find the best solution for every individual project.

Our aim is to form spatial experiences where function and beauty intermingle, reinforcing one another: spaces that evoke feelings, change with the times and provide the best setting for people to live and to interact.

AIX was founded in 2001 when six architectural practices merged into one. Since the 1970s, our office have been in the Industricentralen building, designed by Ragnar Östberg, one of the leading Swedish architects of the early 1900s. Now we are Sweden’s tenth-largest architectural practice, owned by 12 senior partners and some 40 employees. There are currently about 90 of us, most of whom are architects, but there are also structural engineers, urban architects, heritage conservationists, theater consultants, interior- and lighting designers.

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