2:a pris i restaureringstävling i Italien

Under november deltog vi i den stora restaureringstävlingen Premio Internazionale Restauro e Conservazione Fassa Bortolo i Italien. Vårt tävlingsbidrag var Gamla riksarkivet.

”The International Architectural Restoration Prize entitled “Fassa Bortolo Domus restoration and preservation”, conceived and promoted in 2010 by Fassa S.p.A., owners of the “Fassa Bortolo” brand, and by the Ferrara University Architecture Faculty to celebrate its twentieth anniversary, was established for the purpose of rewarding and promoting to the public at large architectural restoration works that have managed to best interpret the preservation principles shared by the scientific community, including through the use of contemporary forms of expression.”

Av 100 lämnade bidrag vann vi silvermedalj!

Juryns motivering:

Medaglia d’Argento ex-aequo / Equal Silver Medal
“Gamla riksarkivet” – The old National Archive in Stockholm, Sweden.
The project represents a particularly interesting experience aimed at preserving a late 19th-century building used as the National Archive, characterised by the presence of original installations, highly innovative for the time. Column radiators, hoists and chutes for the books have been preserved and their function has been guaranteed, maintaining them in the original context with restoration of both colours and finishes. Modern use of the building has been assured with solutions of minimum impact guaranteeing safety aspects and satisfying the requirements associated with the intended new use.”

AIX är inbjudna till prisutdelningen på Universitetet i Ferrara, Italien den 28 mars. Projektansvariga Margareta Källström ska då även hålla en presentation av projektet.

Gamla Riksarkivet